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Default "Legends of Signum" Frequently Asked Questions | F.A.Q.

Hello guys!

As we receive a lot of questions regarding game mechanics, we finally managed to gather all of them into complete F.A.Q. thread.

Looking for a card? You can easily find it in our cards database:

Playing the cards

1. What will be triggered first - Heaven's Oversight or Salvation? Will they be triggered simultaneously?

Salvation is triggering first. Heaven's Oversight is remaining inactivated and will be waiting for the next death.

2. When is it possible to remove a concentration marker from Itnar, Knight of the Firm Will?

At any moment during the player’s activation phase (who owns Itnar), unless this action interrupts activation of any creature.

3. When Steam Engine is triggered? I have Captain Iron Hand who just triggered Return Fire tactic. Do I have to use Steam Engine at this point?

Yes. Steam Engine is a triggered ability, which means it is triggering every time Captain Iron Hand declares Shot, even if this type of attack will be canceled by a tactic or in any other way.

4. Will Shailis, Soul Huntress manage to heal itself if Shailis and its opponent kill each other simultaneously?

No, it won’t. In melee combat, players deal wounds simultaneously, so Shailis will be already dead.

5. Does Thibaut de Bazan have to be activating in order to declare his ability for a targeted creature to skip its turn?

No, because there is no activation mark in the text. The player can pay 1 prosperity point to stop an opponent’s creature anytime during Thibaut’s turn.

6. Does the ability of Insurance work at the end of the turn if this relic has been already destroyed this turn?

The player for Thibaut receives nothing for that as Insurance will be on the Graveyard at that moment.

7. How does Poisoned Medicine work if it is triggered by Mass Healing? How many creatures are wounded? If only one – which one?

Only one creature gets wounds. A creature is selected by the player who owns Poisoned Medicine.

8. The character has been eliminated on the battlefield. One player wants to activate Mid-Battle Dinner while their opponent activates Salvation. Whose tactic is triggered first?

Salvation. In fact, Salvation prevents the character to move to the Graveyard, so Mid-Battle Dinner should wait for the next time.

9. Salvation states that the character is completely healed and moves to contact with the player’s side of the Battlefield. Will this character get a Backstab if it was in contact with an opponent’s creature?

It won’t. This character should have gone to the Graveyard, and the tactic stops this action. Thus, at the moment of triggering of the tactic, this character is already out of the Battlefield but still not in the Graveyard.

10. Can Pontifex Conrad “untap” the character that was stopped by Rosalinda?

He can’t. Rosalinda’s ability states that the character skips its entire turn.

11. How many Magical Strikes does Alluna deal when enters into contact with several miniatures of the opponent?

It can deal only 1 Magical Strike to any of those creatures.

12. Heaven's Oversight states that the attacker receives X wounds, where X is the [Strength] of the dead [Character]. Either the basic character’s Strength is counted or modifiers should be also taken into account?

Strength is counted with modifiers. Otherwise, Heaven's Oversight would state “where X is the basic Strength of the dead [Character]”.

13. My Felix the Catacomb Raider is going to use underground ways from one Ruin to another. Is it counted as “searching the Ruins” for triggering Pigon’s or Javeyd’s ability?

It’s not. Those abilities work only when the character searches the Ruins.

14. My Zenobia attacks Brissa. Brissa activates Defensive Lunge tactic which deals Zenobia 2 wounds. However, if Zenobia hasn’t received wounds in melee combat, can she move within M distance by her ability?

Yes. Defensive Lunge is a triggered ability of a tactic card, so it’s not a part of melee combat.

15. The opponent’s character attacks Brissa who has Gilded Blade. This action triggers Defensive Lunge that kills the character – does it use 1 Multiple Uses for Gilded Blade?

It doesn’t. Defensive Lunge is triggered before melee combat starts. Accordingly, the Hero doesn’t use Gilded Blade bonus.

16. My Stealth character is within S distance from Thibaut de Bazan - does my character have to roll a die for Thibaut’s aura in order to activate this creature?

Yes. Aura is an ongoing ability, so it’s not required to choose a target when it works. Thus, Stealth cannot help the character to prevent this ability effect.

17. Inquisitor's Casket allows the Hero to attack Stealth characters. How do they respond to this attack? If they do, do they remain their Stealth token?

Yes, they respond to this attack by the common rules, without losing a Stealth token. Official game rules state that Stealth token is removing from the character when it declares attack or activation [tap]. On the other hand, when this character is attacked – it is considered defending creature, so it’s not removing its Stealth token.

18. How Morgen Flagellant and Goblin Secretary can be recruited to the Player’s deck? Can they be picked to decks by heroes that are not affiliated to those characters?

Yes, they can be picked by any hero in accord with the common rules. Furthermore, only if you are playing for Pontifex or Thibaut, Morgen’s and Secretary’s abilities start working correspondingly.

19. Will Goblin Secretary and Morgen Flagellant remain their bonuses when they are taken under control of the opponent?

They will. They gain bonuses as soon as they are in a deck of Pontifex or Thibaut.

20. I want to use the ability of my Militia Watchtower. Who chooses the effect?

The effect should be chosen by your opponent.

21. Can Brother Tiven move within M distance after melee combat and magical strike?

Yes. Both are considered as an attack. However, Tiven receives damage from a Backstab if has no Agile ability.

22. What does Fog from the Streets tactic cancel in particular - the process of detection or successful roll of a die?

Successful roll of a die. The tactic isn’t triggered if while detection axe or bullseye is rolled.

23. How Night Shadows is playing? In which turn the opponent cannot use their X building?

During the opponent’s next turn (right after your turn).

24. If my Roland attacked the creature by a ranged attack – will my characters get +1 Strength bonus for melee combat on that creature?


25. My Aurora the Sword of Aria is on the Battlefield. I play Mass Healing or use Cassandra’s First Word – how many Aurora’s Health is healed and how many Strength she gets?

Both are the same action, even if there are multiple targets. Accordingly, Aurora is healed by 1 and gets 1 Strength.

26. Does Baldric, Baron Wintgorn has the bonus only from my tavern or from my opponent’s one as well?
From both.

27. If my Taryn Two Pistols rolls for Steam Engine and got Jump – can he move after Jump?

No, he gets Jump instead of movement until the end of his turn.

28. How works Heavenly Shield? If my hero is attacked by Sergeant Bron and then by Alrik, Bringer of Justice, how many damage receives the hero?

According to Shot in Glossary, “Shot is considered successful for every [bullseye] result“. Thus, Heavenly Shield lowers the damage your hero receives from every successful die at all, so Bron won’t deal any damage as his every successful die is blocked. On the other hand, if Alrik is shooting from a sniper distance, his successful shot deals 1 point of damage per each successful [bullseye] rolled if the target hasn’t protected from it.

29. My Queen Zenobia with Amulet of the Grypharim King and Healing Wreath is on the Battlefield next to Aurora the Sword of Aria. At the start of Zenobia’s turn, she is healing by Wreath; Aurora is triggered by Zenobia and heals herself; Amulet is triggered by Aurora and heals Zenobia. Aurora is once again triggered by Zenobia’s healing. Eventually, Amulet is triggered again and… How long this can go on?

Until Aurora is healing after Zenobia’s healing. In this case, that endless chain is over as soon as triggered ability is activated on the repetitive trigger. Therefore, Zenobia will be healed twice: once by Wreath and once by Amulet; Aurora will be healed only once.

30. How Garrus Crossbowman’s ability works? How many damage does he deal when shooting?

When Garrus declares a Shot and rolls dice, he deals 2 points of damage for every [bullseye] rolled and if his target hasn’t protected by rolling [shield].
For example, if Garrus has rolled 2 [bullseye] when shooting and his target hasn’t protected itself – Garrus deals 4 points of damage. If Garrus rolls only 2 [bullseye] and his opponent rolls 1 [shield], he deals 2 damage. Every defensive die blocks one successful hit but not one damage.

31. How Adberd the Temple Guardian’s Aura works? Are my creatures protected in the same way as by Heavenly Shield?

No, Adberd protects creatures in a bit different way: when your creature is attacked by Shot – after rolling successful dice and all re-rolls, one of rolled [bullseye] will be still counted as a miss.

32. When I summon a character with Rush by “With You, My Brothers!” tactic, can this character be activated during my opponent’s turn as, in fact, Rush states that a character can be activated immediately after being summoned to the Battlefield?

No, it can’t. During the player’s turn, creatures on the Battlefield can be activated if they are controlled only by that player.

33. If my Hero with Persecution kills a character by an ability of Brawler's Sword. Does it activate Persecution?

Persecution won’t work as this death is caused not by the attack but a relic effect.

Rules Questions

1. If the creature “Runs” into contact with the opponent’s creature or breaks contact with it – is it required to declare a Backstab?

Yes. The only exception is Stealth characters who can declare it at their discretion.

2. If my creature with Movement M gets “+S movement” modifier and wants to declare Run – how far it can Run?

Run is affected by a basic movement. Thus, it will Run on “L+S” distance (23cm). The common movement would be “M+S” (18cm).

3. If my creature with Movement M gets “+S movement” modifier and affected by “movement becomes S” card (or creature/terrain ability) - how far it can Move and Run?

Modifiers and effects that limit values of any parameters or abilities to one particular value have priority over ones that add or less numeric values. Therefore, in this case, the creature will have S Movement irrespective to any additional modifiers it has.

4. If my creature with movement M is affected by “movement becomes S” effect, can it use Run on M distance? Is Run a kind of modifier that changes basic movement?

Run is not a modifier – it’s one of the game rules that is implemented according to the text. The creature can use Run even if its movement has been limited.

5. How does the creature re-roll dice for attack if it has Strength 5, Master of Attack 5, and its opponent has Veteran?

Firstly, the creature rolls (and re-rolls) all of its dice. After that, the opponent’s Veteran ability starts working, so if the creature has rolled 2 successful hits out of 5 dice, it can reroll 3 unsuccessful ones for Master of Attack ability. Subsequently, Veteran ability forces the creature to re-roll all successful hits. After re-rolls caused by Veteran, the creature cannot use Master of Attack over again.

6. If the creature with Persecution has the opportunity to be activated in this turn again, can it use Persecution in this activation?

Yes, it can.

7. What is the crucial difference between “when your [creature] attacks” and “after successful attack”?

“When your [creature] attacks” works as soon as this creature declares the attack. “After successful attack” works only if the attacker deals at least 1 damage as a result of a declared attack.

8. The creature is affected by two Auras. The first Aura gives Fortitude, the second one takes Fortitude away – which action has the priority?

The negative (restricting) effect is always in priority, so the creature eventually doesn’t have Fortitude. Thus, it works so even if this creature already has Fortitude (it anyway loses Fortitude).

9. The character dies while being under control of another player – into whose Graveyard will it go?

It goes to the Graveyard of the player in whose deck the character was at the start of the game.

10. Is it possible to attack an allied creature?


11. If my creature with a Stealth token declares detection of another character with a Stealth token, does my creature lose its Stealth token?

It doesn’t if detection is unsuccessful or if the creature won’t declare attack after successful detection.

12. Does the character remain bonuses from Guild/Order if it’s under your opponent’s control?

Only if your opponent has this building in the city zone.

13. Is it possible to declare attack after Jump?

It is. Jump is just a type of the creature’s movement.

14. In which direction does Buckshot repel the target?

In a straight line that goes from the centre of the shooter’s base to the centre of the target’s base.

15. Can a Backstab deal damage from afar? What if my Guild of Shadows allows dealing it for every unsuccessful detection, but an opponent’s mage tries to detect my character at some distance?

Backstab works only in contact. This Guild of Shadows effect won’t work.

16. If my characters gives “+S movement” bonus to Zenobia, does this bonus work for Zenobia’s special “after melee combat” movement?

It doesn’t. This bonus increases only Zenobia’s basic movement.
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If a magic wielding character finds a stealth character at a distance, will the knowledge of the stealth character be known by all adjacent to the stealth character or will only the magic wielding character know?
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If a magic wielding character finds a stealth character at a distance, will the knowledge of the stealth character be known by all adjacent to the stealth character or will only the magic wielding character know?
It works in a little bit different way
If the character or creature has been detected, it means he loses its Stealth token. The Stealth token is the thing that hides its owner from all the opponents, so as soon as this token is removed, this character/creature becomes visible for all the opponents at once.
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